Kelly Shaw (kellyshaw) wrote,
Kelly Shaw

Justice, please!

From one of my favorite movie-bloggers, Jeffrey Wells:

"Obama needs to go after the greedy bad [Wall Street] guys and make them suffer for their misdeeds in ways that are vivid and theatrical and dramatically satisfying. Send the worst of the Wall Street scalawags to jail. Make the greedheads who don't go to Sing Sing or Danbury or Leavenworth pick up trash in public parks while dressed in orange jumpsuits, and not just for 30 days -- make them do it for two or three years, day in, day out. And take their money -- take it right out of their bank accounts the way Charlton Heston led the Hebrew slaves to the grain silos of the high priests in "The Ten Commandments" -- and distribute it to struggling small banks, deficit-plagued municipalities, crippled companies and the desperate poor.
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