Kelly Shaw (kellyshaw) wrote,
Kelly Shaw

Subterranean Press unleashes The Skylark!

Earlier this week, I was disappointed to hear that Doubleday pushed back the release date of Peter Straub's next novel, A Dark Matter, to January '10. This morning, I was thrilled to discover that Subterranean Press will publish an expanded version of the book, re-titled The Skylark, featuring more than 200 pages than will appear in the mass-market edition! It's due for release this fall.

Peter Straub explains:

“What Subterranean Press will be publishing is an earlier state of the novel now called A Dark Matter, not merely the limited version of the trade edition. I wish to have it preserved and published in this form as well as the final, many-times-re-edited form to indicate what I hoped its shape would be like. This is a much looser, sloppier, more wild-eyed version of the book, with blind alleys, red herrings, and false trails."

Straub's also edited two anthologies ready for release this fall, the 1,500-page "American Fantastic Tales": Terror and the Uncanny from Poe to the Pulps and Terror and the Uncanny from the 1940s to the Present.
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