Kelly Shaw (kellyshaw) wrote,
Kelly Shaw

Hellbound Hearts

A few years back, when I was obsessed with all things Clive Barker, I would've been ecstatic to see the publication of Hellbound Hearts, an anthology of stories inspired by the Hellraiser/"Hellbound Heart" mythology and featuring new cover art by Mr. Barker.

Alas, I've fallen off the Barker bandwagon. Over the past decade, he's produced nothing but mediocre books (I've not been seduced by one of his works since 1998's Galilee) and lousy movies (eg. Saint Sinner, The Plague). Moreover, as a longtime fan, I've patiently awaited the completion of long-in-the-pipeline story cycles and novels. Will we ever see the Third Book of the Art, the sequel to Galilee, or the Harry D'amour-versus-Pinhead novel, The Scarlet Gospels?

Still, Barker's my Tolkien. In 1997, he blew my 17-year-old mind with The Great and Secret Show, turning me on to reading and sparking my interest in the genre. So, I'll always keep an eye on Barker's future projects, holding out hope that he'll deliver another shockingly original collection (a la The Books of Blood volumes 1-3), a sprawling metaphysical fantasy (a la Imajica), or a deeply personal fantasia (a la Sacrament).

About Hellbound Hearts: I'm very curious to see how Conrad Williams and Sarah Langan put their stamp on Hellraiser. Too bad Barker doesn't contribute a story, too -- it would've been nice to see an excerpt from The Scarlet Gospels.
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